Lifting Carts

The practical Assistants at any Factory

Smaller loads of a few kg up to aprox 1.000 kg at a lot of factories very often need to be moved or lifted up to an ergonomically optimal working position instantly without any delay. This demand exists through all sectors of industry. 

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH on this page offers to their customers a wide range of handy and well-priced lifting carts which meet exactly this demand. These lifting carts as standard versions are equipped with scissor-type jack, single or double scissor, as well as with a foot pump for the lifting carts hydraulics.

The platforms of the lifting carts can be made as simple platforms, or as special platforms, also as lifting carts Roll-Turn-Platforms. By this way a simple lifting cart very easyly can become a Special Lifting Cart for special applications. 

By equipping the surfaces of lifting cart platforms with roll conveyors or ball platforms your materials to be transported easily can be pulled onto the lifting cart or down from the lifting cart onto a transfer table or onto another installation.

As an option most of the Lifting Carts in standard version can be upgraded with lifting carts accessories, for example with an electrically driven hydraulic pump for 12 V, 230 V or 400 V or with an internal / external charger, battery capacity indicator , contact strip and others.

Upon request complete special lifting carts can be designed.

Please let us have your requirement specification. We would like to provide you with an interesting offer.

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