Tandem Transport Cart - TTW

Professional Transport of very long Products

Tandem Transport Carts usually consist of 2 units of Flatbed Trucks, which together and synchronously lift up the transport good which is standing on transport pallets, in order to transport it to the place of destination.
During this action both Flatbed Trucks generally are controlled by one radio control unit, basing on the principle "Master & Slave". The front Flatbed Truck is the "Master". For the rear Flatbed Truck ("Slave") there is a second radio control unit available, reduced to the functions of steering correction at the rear Flatbed Truck as well as an emergency stopp function. This second radio control unit is handled by a second operator, walking along with the transport, as the front operator at his master control in case of very long transport goods very often can not see the rear end of the transport configuration, specially in case of very narrow curves. 

In case of use of the two flatbed trucks as "single carts" each of them will be controlled by its own radio control unit and with all functions. 

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