Self Propelled Modular Transporters - SPMT

Self Propelled Modular Transporters can be coupled electronically and together can realise extremely high Load Capacities - for example at Shipyards

Self Propelled Modular (Heavy Load) Transporters are motorised transport platforms, of which in case of need several units can be coupled side-by-side or one-behind-each-other and which thereby can reach an extreme load capacity, needed for example at ship building in shipyards. Such a system consists of modular coupable transport modules and is extremely flexible.     

Self Propelled Modular Platforms generally are suitable for use at any industry, at which big weights per unit have to be moved on the floor.

At your company you need to move on the floor extremely big and heavy components and you are searching for a simple and reliable Solution? Please let us know. We will be proud to check your possible application at site and we will elaborate for you a very interesting offer. 

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