Push- / Pull Units / Electric Movers of Series SM / MT / AT TOW

The Solution for Moving of Load Trailers as well as any Type of Load on Wheels

The Push- / Pull Units / Electro Movers of the series SM / MT / AT TOW are used inside of the factory at places where a lot of loads need to be moved by one or a few carts only.

The goods to be transported either are available for transport on so called Load Trailers or have, for example in case of transportable machinery, an own non-driven chassis. 

The Push- / Pull Units are equipped with the couplings, which are typical for their series, and do have, depending on series, a hydraulic lifting installation.

This lifting unit is used to lift up the trailer to be pulled or the non-driven chassis at the front end, in order to shift a part of the load weight onto the Push- / Pull Unit and by this to create grip at the drive wheel of the Push- / Pull Unit. This combination of Push- / Pull Unit plus trailer in total creates a 3 -wheeler or 5-wheeler. Within this combination the Push- / Pull Unit represents a steerable electrically driven axle.

The Push- / Pull Units MT with lifting hydraulics themselves do have a load capacity of about 1.800 kg. In combination with the load trailers to be moved, as well as depending on their construction and their load distribution, a total load  capacity of 15-30 tons is created. The Push- / Pull Units up to 20 tons are controlled via a manual handle. Machines with push- / pull forces higher than 20 tons will be controlled by radio control.

As series AT TOW the Push- / Pull Units also are available without lifting hydraulics, as Electro Movers on "Own Weight Base". These Electro Movers do have a bigger own weight, so that they can pull the trailers without lifting them at one end and without shifting the load on the trailers..

The Push- / Pull Units of series SM, named "Smart Mover", are the smallest available machines, with pulling force up to 1.200 kg.

The Push- / Pull Units offered here, also named "Heavy Load Mover " or "Manual Mover", are the smallest available machines. 
They are pedestrian movers with extremely high Push- / Pull Force, which perfectly can be used for pulling or pushing of heavy loads, specially within areas with limited space

Electro Movers very often are used as shunting carts, shunting help / shunting machine, freight movers / cargo movers. They are used for transport of heavy load material, heavy-load components, dies and machines.They still can be used at areas where forklift trucks, due to space reasons, can not drive anymore.

Our Electro Movers can be used at all industry areas, for example as indoor-mover / pulling machine within machine building, electric industry, windcraft industry, paper industry, glass industry, textile industry, at building of / equipping of containers, within flow production lines of different heavy load products and within a lot of branches.

Push- / Pull Units, as they are regarded as pedestrian movers, can be driven by teached employees. There is no need for a forklift driver license. That makes them usable even more universally.       

Can our Electro Movers also be a solution for your inhouse transport tasks? Please let us know. We will be happy to consult your, also at site at your plant.

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