Pallet Trucks

for Heavy Load up to 60 tons and more

Pallet trucks are used to transport mainly heavy goods of all types within closed buildings, which are laying or standing on heavy load pallets, for storage, for shipment or for further processing.
Specially bigger work pieces, for example generators, gearboxes, transformers and others, but also plastic injection moulds and special dies of all kinds usually are stored for transport on heavy load pallets. These pallets usually are special pallets made of steel, in order to withstand the pressure given by the load and also in order to keep the transport goods fixed during transport. 

As during inhouse transport very often the buildings or the areas within the buildings have to be changed, usually there is no complete crane
runway available for transport.

Also a transport by forklift trucks reaches the limit of the feasable work, as forklift trucks do transport the transport good in front of the main front axle. Therefore much bigger forklifts with much bigger load capacities than the weight of the transport goods are needed, in order to have the needed counter-weight to do the transport of the transport good. Such very big forklifts very often create problems within the very narrow running routes of the building.   

In case of the pallet truck model PTW the transport good will be transported with its load center positioned between the front load wheels and the rear drive- and steering unit. By this there is no need for a counter weight and the dimensions of the cart are clearely smaller than for a forklift truck in case of the same transport task. Furtheron the pallet truck PTW is extremely manoeuvrable, as the steering- and drive unit can be tilted up to + - 90°  

Pallet trucks consist of a standardised drive unit, combined with a customer-specific load unit.Herefore we will follow your request as far as possible (nearly 100%)  

The advantages of the pallet trucks are:

  • Transport of goods between buildings or parts of buildings independent from availability of overhead cranes 
  • Smallest possible need of space in combination with best possible manoeuvbrability
  • Design of the carts adpted to the need of the goods to be transported
  • Pallet trucks PTW do have a common chassis, consisting of load unit and drive unit
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You are looking for a suitable pallet transport truck for fulfilling your transport task? Please do contact us. We will be proud to check your demand and to establish for you an interesting, non-binding offer.  

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