Flatbed Transport Truck FBT-M with Mecanum Undercarriage

The Flatbed Transport Trucks with the special Undercarriage

Mecanum under-carriages allow a manoeuvring of carts within smallest possible space. These carts can drive straight forward, across by 90°, within any desired angle and they also can turn on the spot, without the need to turn any wheel to the side.

The change of driving direction of these carts is realised only by different speed and, where needed, different running directions of the single wheels of the under-carriage, by electronic control of the dirve motors of the single wheels.

Mecanum Drive Systems also are first choice for automated use within flow production lines within a lot of industries.

Do you see application possibilities for carts with Mecanum Drives within your company and you would like to know more about the advantages of this technologiy? Please let us know. We will be proud to check your application and to elaborate for you an interesting Offer. 

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