Industrial Transport Trailers - ITA

The suitable Trailer or Platform for any Need

Industrial Heavy Load Transport Trailers can  we offer at all sizes and for all load capacities. This can be 2-axle transport trailers, which usually are pulled by big heavy load forklifts and which do steer with both axles following the forklift. 

Alternatively also transport trailers are available, which at their rear end are equipped with heavy load wheel sets and at the front end do have feet. These trailers either are pulled by a big forklift truck, by means of a suitable removable coupling, fixed to the forks of the forklift truck, or they will be moved by pulling carts with swan neck coupling.

For light weights we also can offer light trailers to be implemented into indoor material transport trains.
In case of any need regarding Industrial Transport Trailers of any size and load capacity, please let us know. We will be proud to check your application at site and to elaborate for you a very interesting offer. 

Please do contact us by phone or by email.

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