Hybrid Transport Cart - HTW

Always ready to run: Indoors Battery-driven, Outdoors Battery-driven supported by Diesel Engine with Generator

The DTA-Hybrid Transport Carts are made for mixed use, inside of buildings as well as outside of buildings. 

Within the building the carts are driven on battery power and therefore do not emit any exhaust fumes. In case of running mode completely on batteries the batteries will last for several hours of running time. If during the working time inside the building there will be bigger interruptions, during which the cart will not run, these interruption times can be used for charging the batteries partly. 

As soon as the Hybrid Transport Cart will leave the building, the Diesel Engine can be startet. The Diesel Engine then will take care that there will be the correct tension for the drive motors, without emptying the batteries. During running with Diesel Engine also the batteries will be charged partly.
Due to the mix of battery power and Diesel power also bigger outdoor distances can be driven between different buildings, without using the battery capacity for it. This is a big advantage of a Hybrid Transport Cart in comparison to a pure Battery-driven Transport Cart. 

Do you have mixed indoor and outdoor travels for your heavy load transports within your company and could a Hybrid Transport Cart be a good solution for your task? Please let us know. We will be proud to check your possible application at site and to elaborate for you a very interesting offer. 

Please do contact us by phone or email.

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