AGV (FTF/FTS) Carts and Systems

Part of Automation 4.0 - at a lot of Industry Branches

Driverless transport carts and -systems (AGV/FTF/FTS) as a part of automation of Industry 4.0 do get more and more important. They do overtake the transport tasks between the single automated machines / systems, for all sizes and weights, starting from a few 100 kilo up to clearly more than 100 tons of load weight. 

The AGV-carts usually are equipped with multidirectional wheel configurations, in single cases also with Mecanum-undercarriages, to reach the best possible manoeuvrability and at the same time the smallest possible space consumption. 

For Navigation we can offer to you different systems, for example optical navigation via painted markings, navigation by magnetic lines, navigation alongside signal cables, transponder navigation, laser navigation, GPS-navigation as well as contour navigation without any floor work or reflectors or any other markings to be positioned. The choice of the optimal navigation system is depending on customer's requests as well as on types of carts and surroundings in which the carts are foreseen to be used.  

We deliver the carts including navigation system from one source. Generally nearly all DTA-Carts can be upgraded to AGV-Carts.

Do you see in your company a potential for saving costs by automating the existing transports and would you like to learn more about the driverless transport systems? Please do contact us. We will be proud to check your possible application at site and we will establish for you a very interesting offer.

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