Pneumatic Die Lifters with Rolls

for easy and precise Die Change


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To change press dies without support by Die Lifters with rolls needs, depending on the weight of the press die, very strong forces. Thereby already the change of smaller press dies by the operator is a show of strength. To change bigger press dies without support by Die Lifters with rolls or balls is nearly impossible. 

Die Lifters with Balls allow a multi-directional movement of the die and give the bestpossible manoeuvrability. Caused by their smaller load capacity as well as their punctual contact to the press die (increased wear at the bearing surface at the bottom side of the press die) they normally are used in case of smaller die weight only.

Usual for purpose of die change therefore is the use of Die Lifters with Rolls, also in case of heavy die weights. Die Lifters with Balls are available with hydraulic as well as pneumatic lifting installation.

Pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls do have the these advantages:

• simple installation within existing T-slots without
  workintensive and expensive hydraulic installation

• Their construction principle allows the use of bigger rolls

• best possible weight distribution onto a lot of big rolls

• low friction only, thereby protection of the bearing surface of the die

• lower purchase cost

Pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls are available for T-slots indicated below :

T-Slot-Dimension   Load Capacity            max Load Capacity at 
                                    at 6 bar                        max 12 bar working pressure
           T22                 1.300 kg / Meter           2.600 kg / Meter
           T28                 1.700 kg / Meter           3.400 kg / Meter
           T36                 2.700 kg / Meter           5.400 kg / Meter

Usual working pressure:  6 bar

The working pressure within the pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls can be increased by means of the optionally available pressure intensifier. By this the load capacity can be increased up to the double value.

Using the corresponding T-Slot-Housing, pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls also can be screwed onto Die Change Tables and thereby can build an excellent bearing surface for manoeuvring of heavy dies.
Including suitable control pneumatically operated Die Rollers with different driving directions can be activated, so that the dies can be moved in any desired direction.   

Please look at the photo below:


For change of very heavy press dies, which even on pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls can be moved manually only very difficult (weight bigger than 5 tons), the system consisting of pneumatically operated Die Lifters with Rolls additionally can be equipped with an electrical drive system. Then it will be possible to move heavy dies into / out of the press and onto the stationary die change table by pushbutton.

We will be proud to be available for you for detailed information regarding the motorization of the die change system.

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