Roll Feeds

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers a complete range of roll feeds for feeding of coil material into following machines (presses), which covers nearly any possible demand.

The range of products comprehends roll feeds up to a maximum material width of 2.000 mm and up to a maximum material thickness of several millimeters. On the following pages you will find a choice of the most common models. Roll feeds are available as "hanging version" as well as as "standing version". Further versions we can offer to you upon request.

Depending on the maximum material square, i.e. the combination of max material width and max material thickness, the roll feeds as a standard are equipped with feeding rolls with diameters of 80 mm, 100 mm or 130 mm. The speed of a standard roll feed with feeding rolls diameter 80 mm or 100 mm is about 90 meter / minute, in case of 130 mm feeding rolls diameter it is about 60 meter / minute. Versions with higher maximum speed we are prepared to offer to you upon request.  

On the following pages you will find the single series of roll feeds with the standard versions of their most common models. For these roll feeds additionally there is available a wide range of accessories, which can not all be shown on this page.

Regarding electric control we can offer our roll feeds with low priced standard control, upon request we also can offer them with Siemens-control. Here we follow to your preferences.

Our roll feeds also are very well usable for being integrated into existing coil feeding lines of any brand. Let us have your inquiry for your demand for substitution of roll feeds. We will be happy to provide you with an interesting offer.

Our roll feeds are produced by our partner CAMU at Bressanvido / Italy. CAMU has more than 30 years of experience regarding production of coil feeding lines and all types of machines being part of such lines. Within Germany CAMU exclusively is represented by Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH.
We will take care for you from first consulting, also at site, via submission of suitable offer and order processing up  to the corresponding service.

On the following pages you will find a rough overview regarding our range of roll feeds. Even in case of best possible production of overview pages surely there will remain some questions regarding the range of products. We would like to clarify them with you personally.

 Please contact us by phone or email.

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