Electrically driven Coil Tilting Table CWE

: CWE-12-K
Load Capacity max.: 12.000 kg
Coil Outside Diameter max.: 2.100 mm
Coil Width max.: 1.000 mm
Tilting Angle max.: 90 °
Tilting Time for most heavy Load: ca. 30 Seconds
Motor Power: aprox 3,0 kW
Type of drive: 2 Drive chains
Connection: 400 Volt, 50 Hz CEE-Plug, 400 Volt
Execution: Stationary
Option 1: 1 Set of ramming protection (4 corner stirrups and 1 straight stirrup)
Option 2: Dynamically pre-stretched chain for Longer chain lifetime and less maintenance work
Option 3: Adjustable pallet holder for centering of pallet
Option 4: Coil safety swords manually movable and manually slewable